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The Process

Step 1
The first step is the actual design process. Using graph paper, pencil, ruler and of course in most cases an eraser is needed, I will do a layout of the entire quilt which includes any sashing and borders, as shown in Figure 1. I will then draft out the quilt block as shown in Figure 2. In most cases, I will draft out the sashing as shown in Figure 3. Most of my pieces are all rotary cut, however, if I do need to draft any templates, I would do it now.

Step 2
Choosing the fabrics and Cutting is the second step. In some cases the choosing of the fabrics can be a little time consuming but eventually they all will fall together. Once the fabrics are chosen, then the cutting begins. In most cases I will cut enough for one or two blocks because sometimes what you think it’s going to look like, isn’t what turns out. Then it’s back to the drawing board and possibly, it’s just a color change that makes it all come together. After sewing the block together again and liking the results, I will cut the fabric for all the blocks.

Step 3
Step 3 is the final step in the quilt top. It is now time to audition the blocks and sashing and see everything come together. This is usually very rewarding to see how it all works. I also can audition fabrics for the border. All your time and intense labor has been well worth it. Now it is time to think about the quilting process.